Now more than ever it’s important to know how to take care of yourself outside of the gym. Living a healthy lifestyle consists of much more than just exercise. It requires you to get the proper nutrients, have a clean and clear mental space and to know how to work out using your body weight.


Exercise Outside the Gym

The gym is a space where you expect to get geared up for a calorie-burning workout session, how do you get the same gears going at home where you tend to relax? There are many cost-effective ways to create that same gym like feeling at home.


  1. Grab some simple home gym supplies
  2. Join an online workout community
  3. Get outdoors


Research shows that you burn more calories when you workout outside the gym; having to deal with the weather and terrain play a major part in the calorie-burning increase. The different machines in the gym make doing certain workouts easier while working out at home puts your body and creativity to the test.


Work on Your Eating Habits

Have you ever heard the famous saying “you are what you eat?” Being that your diet makes up 75% of your fitness journey, knowing how to make healthy meals is essential to your success.

The idea behind healthy eating can be scary since it is known to be pretty costly but it can be pretty simple if you take the time to analyze what you already have and use it for healthier alternatives. Find a few go-to recipes that can help jump start your lifestyle change.


Clean Up!

A clean home is a healthy home. Making time to clean and air out your space plays a huge part in your health journey, as it can affect your mood and mindset.

Ever notice how a clean space creates a relaxing or energizing feeling? An unclean or messy space will make it hard for you to focus and can even lead to feeling lazy. In fact, research proves that a clean environment can lower stress levels.

Also, this is a great way to burn some calories because guess what, cleaning is considered an exercise!