All 7NRG products are made with lab tested, THC free, water soluble hemp extract. But what is water soluble hemp extract and how can it help athletes during intense exercise? In this article we will be discussing why water soluble hemp extract has an advantage over other hemp extracts for an athlete.

Water soluble hemp is extracted in much the same way that CBD oils are. However oil based CBD is hydrophobic and will not dissolve in water. This poses two problems for an athlete. Firstly, it is inconvenient to administer oil on the go. Oil will not mix well into protein and pre workout drinks and the flavour may not be desirable to someone preparing for a vigorous workout. Secondly, oil is a lipid and will metabolise at much slower pace than water soluble CBD. The effects of oil based CBD can last much longer than an average workout and can take up to an hour to take effect.

According to a The European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, lipophilic phytocannabinoids are very poorly absorbed in water. Due to this inability to dissolve into water, they must go through what is called the first pass metabolism. This process takes time and provides a much lower bioavailability, of around 9% (Irina Cherniakov, 2017). Water soluble, broad spectrum CBD powder does not have to go through this process and is absorbed much faster. Nano emulsified CBD can increase the bioavailability of CBD by 600%. (Irina Cherniakov, 2017). Because of this increase in bioavailability, less of the active compound (CBD) needs to be used in water soluble preparations.

So how is this beneficial to the athlete? According to an article in Neuropsychopharmacology, CBD can eliminate pre public speaking anxiety in humans (Mateus M Bergamaschi, 2011). This is important for an athlete preparing for a race, competition or training session where pre exercise anxiety becomes a factor. The study also indicated that the subjects that ingested CBD prior to a public speaking engagement were not only void of anxiety, but reported being more alert and focused, while the group who did not consume CBD before speaking reported greater cognitive impairment, anxiety and lowered alertness (Mateus M Bergamaschi, 2011). CBD is unique in its ability to help the athlete stay alert and focused while also remaining relaxed. With 12mg of broad spectrum CBD in each pre workout pouch, 7NRG has created an advanced sport supplement with a professional athlete in mind.


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