CBD has gained widespread traction in various aspects of our everyday lives. The compound has won the hearts of many – from beauty experts to pet parents.

Recent interesting reviews show the compound is also a buzz in the sports circle.

Quickly, this article runs some common reasons CBD has become a regular mention in workout recovery discussions.

Let’s delve in…

  • CBD may promote relaxation

CBD is widely known to promote healthy sleep patterns, interestingly, without causing drowsiness.

CBD’s properties calm the mind and body, creating an ideal atmosphere to drift into a long peaceful night sleep – a necessity for quick recovery. At rest, the body recovers and better modulates hormonal supplies.

  • CBD looks good for pain relief

Research shows CBD’s analgesic component may help manage both pre-and post-workout pains.

From sore joints to muscle aches, more and more athletes are seeking CBD for post-workout-related pains. Anecdotal experience says CBD helps put you back in shape between the last and next workout.

  • It may reduce the breakdown of lean muscle tissues

CBD contains anti-catabolic properties. That means the compound may help curb lean muscle tissue breakdown and as well help increase muscle mass.

While reducing the catabolic hormones, CBD also modulates cortisol (a stress hormone). When released, this hormone breaks down muscle tissue for blood sugar supply.

  • CBD may reduce nausea

Intense physical activities may cause abnormal functioning in the stomach and, in turn, trigger nausea. Thankfully, CBD’s anti-emetic effect subdues nauseous feelings during or after workouts.

  • CBD is a potential appetite booster

Additional calories help speed up the recovery process after intense physical activities.

While it may be difficult to consume as much, CBD’s appetite-boosting property may help you take in more vitalities, more so, in a healthy manner.

  • CBD may reduce inflammation

Research say CBD may help manage inflammation, both pre-and post-workout. This property speeds up recovery and allows you better prepared for your following training, averting severe muscle soreness.

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