Upon acceptance onto the 7NRG’s Affiliate Program the following terms shall be in place and all Affiliates shall be bound by them. It is encouraged for all Affiliates to read and understand these terms as it is assumed that by working on the 7NRG’s program they have been read and understood.

Pre-approval of Communication

Any ad copy, imagery, social media content, emails or other content should be authorised by 7NRG before it is made available for public view.


Affiliates must represent 7NRG in a positive way only. Ad copy and creative media must match the standards of the 7NRG’s website and branding all information published must be factual and accurate.

Bots and Automation

Bots, scripts and other forms of automation that are used to message consumers on a mass/large scale are not permitted.

Legal Notice

7NRG products are legal in the UK and a notice should be displayed next to media promotions, so consumers clearly understand this. 7NRG products are food supplements (exception of vape products) and are not intended as a replacement for any form of medicine. Please consult a medical professional if in doubt. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Affiliates should consult with 7NRG on any legal matters there are unsure.


Commission is payable after a 28 day refund period has passed. Commissions will typically be paid between 30-40 days after a transaction has occurred.


Any Affiliate found to be manipulating performance or conducting in any sort of fraud will be terminated from the program and forfeit all and any outstanding commission that has not been credited to their bank account.

General Terms and Conditions

1. Affiliates are generally not permitted to use any sites or landing pages that represent themselves or pass themselves off as 7NRG or take any action that is likely to mislead third parties to believe such a site is the 7NRG website.

2. Any sites consistently presenting apparent offers from 7NRG that do not exist will not be paid commission for their activity. This applies in particular to the promotion of discount or voucher codes. Affiliates will not be paid for such activity if:

(a) In our opinion the implication of the affiliate promotion is that we do have discount or voucher codes when we do not


(b) In our opinion the intention of the promotion is to drop cookies, rather than promoting our business in a constructive way.

This measure is designed to protect our business from disappointed customers and to protect affiliates who are genuinely trying to promote our business. It should be emphasised that these terms are aimed at stopping any consistent misrepresentation of our business.

Affiliates will not be paid commission for any activity which contravenes these guidelines.

Types of affiliates not allowed on the program

We will not accept any sites that will be detrimental to our trademarked terms.

The following types of site are not acceptable on the program:

·         Sites that contain or link to sexually explicit material and/or language

·         Sites that contain or promote any form of violence or illegal activities

·         Sites that contain discrimination against race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, age etc

Cash-back Publishers

7NRG currently cannot work with Cash-back publishers. We will notify all publishers when this option becomes available.

Discount codes Policy

We encourage affiliates to contact us for exclusive voucher/discount codes and additional incentives.

Affiliates may only promote codes that are provided through the affiliate programme (either through our account or directly from the Affiliate Dashboard.

We reserve the right to withhold payment of commission if unauthorised voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale. We appreciate that consumers may use voucher codes that they have found via a site other than that which is awarded the sale and this will be investigated before decisions on commission payment are made. Any affiliate found to be displaying unauthorised codes may also have their commission set to zero until the code(s) are removed.

Where voucher codes are issued with an expiry date this should be clearly displayed, and codes should be removed or explicitly marked as expired after this date unless you are advised otherwise. Any affiliates displaying expired codes without marking them as being expired may be suspended from the programme. Please also ensure that you observe the IAB voucher code best practice guidelines. (https://www.iabuk.com/standards-guidelines/performance-marketing-advisory-group-code-conduct-vouchers)


Affiliate PPC Guidelines

7NRG operates a strict policy on Paid Search activity. These Terms and Conditions are applicable on any advertising platform, including, but not limited to, search engines, advertising networks and social media placements.

These Affiliate PPC restrictions apply to and include 7NRG’s parent site, its sister sites and any of its subsidiaries. 

Domain Names / URLs

Purchasing  or operating any domain name which is confusingly similar to our brand name, it’s misspellings or similar variations is prohibited.

Affiliates are not permitted to use brand (including variations and/or misspellings) as a sub domain:


Unacceptable : http://7nrgaffiliate.com

Acceptable : https://7nrg.com/affiliate-name


Affiliates are prohibited from:

·         Using the term “official”, “TM”, “Partner” in their ad copy.

·         Using brand terms in their ad copy unless given prior consent by 7NRG’s Marketing Department.


Commissions will not be paid where there is evidence of any paid search activity on brand terms without prior authorisation. This includes permutations, misspellings and broad matches containing brand terms (generic is fine).

In order to avoid any keyword matching issues, affiliates must add the following keywords as negative broad match to any and all Paid Search activity:

·         7NRG

·         7NRG CBD

·         7nrg.co.uk and 7nrg.com

·         7NRG Vouchers

Landing Pages

Commissions will not be paid to affiliates who perform direct linking PPC activity to any of the 7NRG sites; this includes use of any of the 7NRG’s site brands within page or search engine display URLs.

Affiliates are prohibited from passing products directly to the shopping basket on our site(s). The action of placing the product in the cart must be instigated by the consumer and take place on our domain.

Site Specific Guidelines

In addition to the General Guidelines outlined previously, when working with the 7NRG, affiliates must add the following terms as negative broad match to all PPC activity on any platform:

{7NRG + .co.uk & .com variations}

Unless prior written consent is granted by the 7NRG’s Marketing Department, affiliates are not permitted to bid, or appear, on hybrid brand searches.


{“7NRG + (product)”, “7NRG + voucher”, “7NRG + discount”, “7NRG+ offers”}

Any affiliates found contravening any of the above conditions will be contacted by the 7NRG’s Affiliate Teams and anyone in breach of these conditions may have their commissions declined and face suspension from the programme. The 7NRG, in cases of persistent rule breaking, reserves the right to decline commissions accrued from the activity.

De-duplication Policy

All affiliate sales are de-duplicated against other online advertising channels using a local cookie on the merchant platform. De-duplication channels include : 

•        PPC Brand

•        PPC Generic

•        Email Advertising

•        Direct Partnerships

•        Price Comparison

•        Display & retargeting advertising

•        Other Affiliate Networks

The In House Referrer Scheme

Existing customers who have already purchased from 7NRG will be sent an email explaining the referral scheme and how they can earn credit from driving new customers to the site.

For example:

  1. Existing customer logs into their account on 7NRG and goes to referral section.
  2. Existing customer creates link to 7NRG to share on social media.
  3. New customer clicks on that link and makes first purchase on 7NRG either by entering referral code at checkout or after an automatic discount has been applied after clicking on a referral link.
  4. Existing customer receives credit to spend on 7NRG a reward.

All referral sales will be de-duped against affiliate sales and there will be a slight change to the usual last-click method of tracking in certain circumstances:

  • If a new customer uses a referral code or link then clicks an affiliate link (within 30 minutes of the first click), this sale will be attributed to the referral scheme
  • If an affiliate link is used 30 minutes or more after the referral link is clicked and no referrer code is redeemed then the affiliate will still be awarded the last click and receive commission for this sale

Note: Whenever a referrer code is used, the sale will not track via affiliates. 

Social Content Creators

All affiliate content on social media must be ASA compliant, read the ASA Guide here. If you wish to use affiliate links within your Instagram Stories and other social channels, use #ad as a valid identifier to be ASA compliant. (https://www.asa.org.uk/uploads/assets/uploaded/3af39c72-76e1-4a59-b2b47e81a034cd1d.pdf)

If you have any questions please contact Robyn Gough on [email protected]