We would like to thank all of our customers for their kind comments and reviews of our products, some of which you can find below:

This is the first i’ve come across a CBD drink for recovery purposes. There was a noticeable difference the following day after working out. My muscles were nowhere near as tight as usual so I can only link this to the CBD content in the protein drink. I will definitely keep using and recommend to all in the fitness industry.
Chris, Plymouth, UK

The boost of the 7NRG pre workout has a very long effect on your energy levels. The taste is amazing and absolutely no taste of hemp. A must before any gym session or sports match!
Sandra, Vernon, California

U guys have a unique product, I have tested the pre and post workout shake and I must say they are brilliant. I would recommend this to my fitness community.
David, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’ve tried both the Pre Workout and Post Workout. I really liked using the pre workout, I felt as if ‘I had another gear’ and it allowed me to focus on my workout which ultimately meant that my performance improved. The flavour was awesome too and didn’t taste artificial as most pre workouts do. I also tried the Post workout chocolate flavour, which again was very nice tasting and helped me to be in a relaxed mood post workout.
Jethpal, London, UK

The protein tastes awesome and the packaging is just as good. A convenient ready to go post workout drink making life much easier when I don’t have time to make my own powders and clean out my container. The customer service team is also very easy to contact and can give all the information you may need on the effects of CBD. Highly recommended.
Sam, Manchester, UK

So I purchased my first box of protein mixed with CBD. I’ve heard all the hype about CBD but haven’t actually tried it on its own yet. I must say the effects are EXTREMELY noticeable. I took this after a netball match and felt very relaxed after the game but the biggest bonus was the next day. After being knocked around the day before I almost felt zero aches around my arms and back. If the CBD really was the reasoning behind this then goodbye normal protein powders, this may well be the next big break through in the sport industry!
Charlotte, Newcastle, UK